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This is a mobile-friendly resource for people struggling to end a dependency on Xanax, Valium, Ativan, AmbienKlonopin and other benzodiazepines.

This site will help you or your loved one learn how to quit benzos safely, without having to read through hundreds of pages on your phone.

What You’ll Find Here

On this site, you can learn about:

This site is designed for use on smart phones.

We also publish stories from our readers to help others know that they are not alone in their battle to overcome benzo addiction.

Each page on this site has its own Disqus discussion, so feel free to ask questions, share your experience and pitch in and help. Anonymously or not – it’s your choice.

Who This Site Is For

Adderall addiction - you are not alone

you are not alone

This site for people who are abusing benzos right now and would like to stop. 

I want them to know they are not alone in their battle to overcome prescription drug addiction.

It’s also for families, friends and coworkers of benzo abusers

I want them to understand what their loved ones are going through, so they can give them the help they need.

To be clear: benzodiazepines are not bad drugs!

They help millions of people deal with real health issues like anxiety, tremors and insomnia.

But benzo abuse is bad. Really bad.

Abusing benzos can destroy your life, if you let it.

Xanax almost ruined mine.

My Benzo Addiction Story

I was a heavy Xanax user for over 3 years. Originally prescribed for anxiety following the death of my father, I quickly became a Xanax zombie.

As I kept upping my dose – to as high as 4 mg – I started experiencing benzo blackouts and mood swings. I wrecked my car. I had serious anger issues, especially when I mixed Xanax with alcohol.

My worst regret is that I let Xanax numb my feelings so much that I had nothing to give my wife and son for almost three years. I almost lost them.Thank God they stuck by me.

For most of my addiction, I had no idea what Xanax was doing to me. I was living in a fog, without emotions most of the time. I didn’t really care about anything.

After my wreck, I knew I needed to get off of Xanax for good. So I searched online for stories of people who’d been addicted to Xanax and recovered.

I found a couple of great forums and websites with hundreds of pages on them, but none of the best sites work on a smartphone phone. As a web developer, I knew this means that a LOT of people under 35 aren’t accessing the best support online.

So, I built this mobile-friendly website to provide quick and easy access to critical information when and where you need it. And, to make it easy to share with others.

This is just my way of paying it forward. I hope you like it. If you have a suggestion, please leave me a comment.

If this site helps just one more person end their life-sapping dependence on benzos, then all of my work was worth it.

If you know you have a problem and want to quit, click this button to learn how:

Have A Story To Share?

If you have firsthand experience with benzo addiction and you are willing to share it (anonymously), you can help others gain new insights into their own struggles.

If a loved one of yours is struggling with or has overcome benzo addiction, then we’re interested in your story, too.


Thanks for dropping by!  I hope you find what you need.

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