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Should You Quit Xanax Cold-Turkey?

quit benzos cold-turkey is it dangerous

A common question asked in addiction support groups is,

 Should I quit Xanax cold-turkey, or should I wean my dosage down over time?

The answer:

How To Quit Xanax Safely

After taking Xanax for months or years, you may feel that you can’t function without it.

The cravings for the drug can get so intense that you will return to it, just to fend-off withdrawal symptoms. This is the dependency that defines addiction.

Most medical professionals will tell you that the best and only right way to quit using benzos like Xanax is to wean your dosage down, gradually. Weaning-down minimizes the risks of withdrawal and may help you avoid the worst symptoms.

But this is easier said, than done.

In order to step-down your medication over time, you need three things in place:


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  1. If you’ve been on Xanax for more than two weeks then you should taper off slowly. If you’ve been on it longer than one year then expect the withdrawal to last one year. If you’ve never taken Xanax then do not ever take it. Valium is much smoother.

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