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Three Signs You’re Ready to Quit Xanax

3 signs you are ready to quit adderall

My Xanax Addiction Symptoms

Back when I was addicted to Xanax, I often had the feeling that something was off about my life. That I wasn’t really being my true self.

Now that I look back on it, the signs were clear that not only did my body want me to quit Xanax, my inner self wanted me to, as well.

Do you share my three most common Xanax addiction symptoms below? If so, you may want to think about quitting it for good.

1. I missED MY old self

Adderall is amazing in helping you get things done. It’s easy to become proud of all the stuff you accomplish when you’re using, too. This productivity thing can define who you are, over time.

But if all you do is do, then you end up missing out on other, more important things in life… like following your passions, building stronger and more intimate relationships (not just sex) and simply drinking-in the world around you.

young man looking over lake

As for me, I often wondered about the things I used to really enjoy before Xanax became my crutch. Stuff like:

Gazing at the stars on a beach dune, and daydreaming.

Reading a long book – just for fun.

Napping on a Sunday afternoon.

Lying in bed with my honey for hours, talking about nothing (without having to have sex).

Fact is, most non-medicated people have a hard time fighting these sorts of natural passions and desires.

But on Xanax, I seemed to have an infinite ability to ignore them – and get shit done.

I now know (always knew?) that the most beautiful things in life have little to do with doing stuff. And these are the things you lose when you’re addicted to Xanax.

2. I WISED I could turn it off, at will

Xanax helps you with so many things: work, school, cleaning, taking notes, organizing. The main benefit of Xanax is that it puts you into superpower work mode instantly.

freaking out on Adderall

The downside? it doesn’t let you quit hyper-work mode, even when you need to.

Like when your girlfriend wants to talk about her day.

Or when your daughter wants to hear another (boring) story before bed.

Or when your dog wants to cuddle on the sofa.

These moments aren’t just important to others, they define who you are, too. I wished I could have dialed down the meds more during precious, unscheduled moments like these.

3. I wonderED what life might have been like, without it.

withdrawn and alone woman

I often thought about what my life might look like if I had never taken Xanax, never leaned on that medical crutch for so many years.

Maybe I’d be a better, stronger person? physically, for sure!

Maybe my job would be totally different?

Maybe my love life would be better and more intimate?

Maybe I wouldn’t need a pill to start every new task or to finish every job?

Maybe I wouldn’t walk around with all this guilt?

Maybe I wouldn’t have to ponder this question, ever again…

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